Being of Brave Heart

Our Tlingit name means "be of brave heart," and our Brave Heart Volunteers truly earn that title. Over 200 compassionate volunteers help with the many services and programs we offer, and they are the heart of this organization.

Each of our volunteers lends his or her own uniqueness to creating a heart-full visiting experience for care-receivers and family caregivers. Visiting volunteers generally offer two hours (sometimes more) of their time per month, which makes a huge difference in the lives of those we serve. Our end-of-life volunteers generously give time as needed, and we strive to provide around-the-clock compassionate presence for those on their way out of this world.

Some of the many benefits of volunteering include: making a difference in the lives you touch; working with other dedicated and wonderful volunteers from our community; the unique joy that can come from being of invaluable service to others; personal growth and the opportunity to put one’s personal faith in action.

In general, those who are happiest volunteering with Brave Heart Volunteers will have a sincere interest in helping others, be good listeners, have patience and flexibility in working with others, and have an openness to and respect for people from diverse backgrounds.

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