Caring for the Caregiver

The Family Caregiver Support Group began meeting in 2003, and since then we have been providing support, education and a safe, confidential space for Sitka's caregivers to gather and share. The monthly group meets every third Wednesday at 12Noon in the Pioneers' Home Manager's House. This is a great way for those caring for friends or loved ones to network with others in similar situations, learn more about the roles of a caregiver and local resources, and to discuss concerns and questions with local and regional professionals. Our goal is for caregivers to see that they are not alone in facing caregiving challenges, and to therefore suffer less burnout, depression, overwhelmed feelings, illness or frustration, which translates to better care and quality of life for their loved ones (especially those living with Alzheimer's Disease or related dementias).

In January of 2008, a community meeting was held to discuss the needs of Sitka's caregivers. During the course of this lunchtime planning session, a variety of topics for future caregiver support meetings was composed, as well as a comprehensive Caregiver Resource List (which we are always updating, so please let us know if you think something should be added). In working to address these and other stated needs, we have been fortunate to host several guest speakers from around Southeast. The knowledge and input of these local and regional professionals provides an invaluable resource, and with their help we have addressed topics such as:

  • "Self Care for the Caregiver"
  • "Home Safety"
  • "Alzheimer's 101"
  • "Transitions: Moving to the Pioneers' Home or Long Term Care"
  • "Partnering with Your MD and Health Care Team"
  • "Medicaid and Medicare Services"
  • "Motivating Movement and Activity in Elders"
  • "A Better Understanding of Alzheimer's Disease (and related dementias) Care"
  • "Caregiving at a Distance"

A community meeting has been held each January since then in order to determine the next year's Caregiver Education and Support Services meeting topics.

We have a great schedule lined up for the coming months, so please don't hesitate to Contact Us for more information about upcoming meetings.

We have just added a list of helpful contact information and links for caregivers in the Sitka area. This list is typically also handed out at our monthly Caregiver Education and Support meetings as well.

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